Saturday, 12 March 2016

How video games got me through bad times.

By Sam Coles:

We all go through times where we feel that nothing can go right in your life and you feel alone. I have had times where I would just push people away and want to be alone and what do I do when I want to be alone during the bad times? I play video games.

It was early 2010 I was in the middle of doing A-levels and things weren’t going too well because the work load was overwhelming and I spiralled into a dark place where I shut people out. I was on the way home on my bike one afternoon and I popped into my local Blockbuster video and browsed the 360 games and saw game that I didn’t really know about at the time called Dragon Age: Origins. I thought I like Tolkien style fantasy so I picked it up with no questions asked, I got home and put into my 360 and I was in love with this game.

I was transported to another world that I could live in where I was the hero and people were cheering me on or asking me to save them; I felt that I was making a difference in this world saving them from the Darkspawn. I played from start to finish and I felt I accomplished something by saving the fictional kingdom of Ferelden. The game put a smile on my face and my friends noticed the next day after finishing the game that I was happier.

The next time I really got into a bad way was in 2014 I was just sat there in my room playing games I hear notification noise on Facebook. I didn’t think much of it because you know who doesn’t get a message on Facebook, however it wasn’t good because I was told that a close friend of mine had passed away. I never drop anything in shock, but when I read that message my grip relaxed and my controller fell from my hand with a mighty thump as it hit the floor.

Two days later I attended the funeral and for a couple of weeks I didn’t talk too much I just spent time out on my bike cycling for miles or in my room. The game that got my through this ordeal was Metal Gear Solid 3, the reason for this is that Snake in that game loses someone who he loves so I could sympathise with the character as he carries on with his life but never forgets The Boss, but he does spiral into darkness in the next few games I feel his pain. I feel Snake’s pain throughout the game as he struggles to wrap his mind around what happened to The Boss and why she defected and the fact that he was ordered to kill the one person he loves. This is one game that truly made my cry at its ending as Snake stands at The Boss’s grave with flowers and her signature weapon, where he then salutes with a tear running down his face and he doesn’t break his stance.

That was a quick and morbid post but I wanted to share this with you guys and let me know if video games helped you through dark moments in your life. 

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