Sunday, 23 November 2014

Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Review - One Year Later in Los Santos

By Sam Coles:
One year later after the release of Grand Theft Auto V we get to take a trip back to Los Santos on the new and shiny Xbox One and PS4 I’ll be focusing on the PS4 version of the game and let’s say that the game is now packed with even more detail than before, not to say that the game wasn’t beautiful to begin with on the Xbox 360 and PS3.
So if you have been living under a rock or haven’t played it here is the basic gist of the story. You play as three characters Franklin who lives in the ghettos of Los Santos, Michael a retired bank robber and finally you have the amoral psychotic Trevor who takes lots of meth and is hell bent on making money through robbery. Michael ends up going back into bank robbing because he owes Mexican Cartel leader money after he pulls down his house with a truck.
The environments have been given an over hall and are densely populated compared to the last gen counterpart you’ll see more flora and fauna with elements such as there being separate blades of grass in the parks in the middle of the city to the long grass and flowers in the wilderness in the surrounding state of San Andreas. There is even added wildlife in the city such as cats and dogs wondering around these little added details make the world of  GTA V feel more alive than it already does.
So what else is new with the current gen version of the game besides a texture update, well you get more cars, guns and a new first person mode which you can play the entirety of the game in this first person mode. This really changes the dynamic of the game and you can witness Los Santos from a different perspective and makes you tackle missions with different strategies. Take note though that it is very difficult to drive in first person but you can change it to third person when you’re in a car and it will switch back when you get out of the car.
You can now play with up to 30 players in one game on GTA Online but you may be met with some resistance with a full server which is understandable because of the sheer number in this massive open world. Unfortunately the multiplayer is still problematic and players are reporting that they couldn’t transfer their character which has been fixed and I can’t seem to find a full game, most of them seem to have fewer than 10 players each session that I’ve played.
Overall it’s the same game that you played last year with a shiny coat of paint, but it still has the same problematic multiplayer because I couldn’t get into a game with no more than 5-7 players, not the 30 player experience that I hoped for. Is it worth buying again if you played it last year? I would say no in my opinion but if you have a new gen console and you somehow missed the game then I would get this version as it is the definitive version.

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