Thursday, 31 July 2014

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Collectors Editions Announced.

By Sam Coles:
Call of Duty Advance Warfare’s release edges closer by the day so it was only inedible that they would announce a special edition of some kind. Activision have released the Atlas edition named after the PMC that is the main focus of the campaign.
In the standard Altas Edition you get:
o   Two (2) Weapons – The Bal-27 AE Assault Rifle and the Atlas 45 AE Pistol: Trick out your loadout with these two sleek weapons fitted with an Atlas Corporation theme to match your other custom content.

o   Atlas Exoskeleton: Strike fear into competition with your PMC-issued, white, red & black custom Atlas exoskeleton, and ensure opponents remember who took them out.

o   Atlas Helmet: A state-of-the-art custom Atlas helmet.

o   Atlas Player Card: Leave your mark on any killcam with an Atlas player card, featuring both a custom Atlas calling card and custom Atlas emblem.

o   Five (5) Bonus Supply Drops: Supply Drops are part of the revolutionary changes in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that Sledgehammer Games is bringing to Call of Duty multiplayer.  You’ll be well-prepared for battle as soon as you boot up with five bonus supply drops, which unlock a variety of game-changing, in-game content from player customisation gear to weapons.  More information on Supply Drops and the full suite of multiplayer options will be revealed on Aug. 11.

o   Single Player Exoskeleton Upgrade Token: Over the course of Campaign mode, players unlock exoskeleton perks and abilities that help tackle various obstacles and challenges. This token provides an extra upgrade for your exoskeleton, so you’re already at an advantage when jumping into the Campaign.
In the Atlas Pro Edition you’ll have:

·  Welcome to Atlas: Advanced Soldier Manual: The Atlas Corporation’s Advanced Soldier Manual ensures that all recruits are equipped with the necessary intel to become a tier-one Advanced Soldier with Atlas. The manual features original concept artwork from  Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare developer, Sledgehammer Games, as well as historical and tactical information that will bolster every soldier’s potential for success in the field and prepare them to carry out Atlas’ global mission.

·  Collectible SteelBook™: Limited edition steel case featuring premium in-game artwork.

·  Official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Soundtrack: Digital copy of the in-game score, featuring main title & themes by legendary composer, Harry Gregson-Williams as well as original music by Audiomachine. Also you’ll have the season pass.

These versions of the games will price at £69.99 for the Atlas edition and £99.99 for the Atlas Pro or £89.99 for the digital version.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is set to release on November 4th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.

Shadow of Mordor Gameplay The Wraith Trailer.

By Sam Coles:

New trailer titled “The Wraith” shows off new gameplay mechanics which surround the Ring Wraith half of you character who is half Ranger and half Ring Wraith. It also shows more of the new character Celebrimbor, the greatest Elven smith of the Second Age.

These powers are mostly going to be used to stealth around areas to despatch you foes quickly and quietly. There will be more of these videos showing off different parts of the game play in this mini-series that WB games are doing. Shadows of Mordor will be released September 30th on current gen and last gen.

Destiny Beta Concludes As Biggest Beta In This Console Generation.

By Sam Coles:

The new IP from the original creators of Halo Bungie have concluded their beta for Destiny and has come back with some positive results. The beta had astounding number of players who took part being quoted as “The biggest beta of the console generation” clocking in 4,638,937 players taking part in the beta.

Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing stated, “This is the biggest beta of this console generation by a wide margin and the largest console beta ever for a new video game IP to date. Hosting a beta at this scale is an incredible feat, so we’re thrilled to see the phenomenal response. But the beta is just a taste of what’s to come. We’re counting down the days to our launch day, September 9th.”

Pete Parsons, COO of Bungie also showed how grateful he was about everyone taking part by saying, “We surpassed even our own goals and the feedback was invaluable. We cannot thank the community enough, the response was humbling and in the weeks ahead we’ll be working hard to ensure that Destiny lives up to the expectations at launch.”

Destiny is due to release on September 9th on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3, are you excited and ready for this new game from the veterans of Bungie? Let me know in the comments or Tweet @bristoliangamer with #Destiny.

Shadow of Mordor The Bright Lord Story Trailer and New Release date.

By Sam Coles:
Shadows of Mordor gets a new story trailer explaining more about the main characters past along with new characters introduced such as Wraith looking character that follows him and they find a familiar face in the form Gollum. The game looks to be a blend of stealth and hack and slash action with a vast world to explore with all dark and dinge dungeons to the open fields of Middle Earth.
This could be the Lord of the Rings game that we have all hoped for. Also coming with this new trailer is that the game has a new release date and no before you say that it been delayed, that is not the case it has been brought forward.
This suggests that they are ahead of schedule with development which is a good thing. Shadows of Mordor releases on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC on September 30th.

LEGO Ninjago Nindroids Launch Trailer

By Sam Coles:

The launch trailer for the 3DS and PS Vita title LEGO Ninjago Nindroids gets a launch trailer showing off the various gameplay elements and shows off the story. Where the city of Ninjago has been overrun by a new dark force called the Nindroids who are trying to destroy the city. The game is based on the first five episodes of the animated show so you'll get to experience the various locations of New Ninjago first hand with you 3DS or Vita.

LEGO Ninjago Nindroids is out on the 1st of August in Uk and Europe on the 3DS and PS Vita so suit up and get ready to take down the Nindroids.

F1 2014: Announcement Gameplay Trailer

By Sam Coles:

The latest game in the F1 series graces its presences with a new announcement trailer for the last gen consoles and PC (I can hear the whining already). The trailer shows off the game’s high speed driving and dynamic weather effects and consider its being produced for hardware that’s nearly a decade old, it looks beautiful.

F1 2014 will be release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC October 17th sorry early adopters of the new gen you’ll have to wait until next year maybe that’ll teach not to sell your consoles as soon as you get a new one for the next generation.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Dragon Age Inquisition Trailer: Combat System.

By Sam Coles:
The guys at EA and Bioware are starting a short video series discussing the different aspects of their latest game Dragon Age Inquisition which will be aired leading up to the release date of November.
The first video they have shown off the combat system in great detail and how tactical it is by having a camera you can move through the battlefield when you’re engaged with the enemy. This seems to give you great flexibility because you can see things from a different angle and take a different approach to fighting if you see fit. If you are a more action orientated person like the Dragon Age II combat then don’t worry Bioware have catered for both audiences, the hardcore strategy fans and the high octane hack and slash for you blood thirsty warriors.
Each video they show off with the gameplay leaves more and more impressed as we edge closer to the release date of the game and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Dragon Age Inquisition is to release November 21st on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Call of Duty Advance Warfare New Story Trailer

By Sam Coles:
The latest Call of Duty trailer was released today revealing more of the games story mode which seems to be an interesting direction for the series compared to the complete disaster that was COD Ghosts campaign.
The theme that seems to be surrounding this game's story is how power corrupts  people and how goverments around the world are relying on PMC groups rather than their own miltary forces because they are not bound by countries or ideologies. It looks to be an interesting narrative and might give an injection of life into the Call of Duty series. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be Released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC on Novemeber 4th. 

Shadow Warrior Coming This September for Xbox One and PS4

By Sam Coles:

The balls to the wall shooter created by 3D Realms back in the mid 90’s Shadow Warrior with its shiny reboot which made its debut back in 2013 is making its way to the next gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). So all you blood thirsty FPS fans can finally play this gore fest if you looking for something that is fun and doesn’t take its self too seriously.

The game is being published by the guys at Namco Bandai and you won’t just get the standard game but you’ll get new features such as:

New Arena mode where Lo Wang faces off against waves of enemies in three custom-designed environments

       All-New Campaign content featuring the head of the nefarious Zilla Corporation.

      Exclusive weapons including the sledgehammer from Serious Sam 3, the katana from Hotline Miami, the "Zilla Enterprises Z45 katana" and "classic Shadow Warrior katana"

      The game will be released on Xbox One and PS4 this September 26th so if you don’t have a PC and missed it the first time round now is your chance to test it out.

Games with Gold August 2014.

By Sam Coles:
The games with gold scheme still contiunues with its next line up of titles for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Gamers will be treated to on the Xbox 360 with Motorcross Madness until the 16 of August and after that you'll be able to step into the shoes of Corvo in Dishonored the fantastic stealth game from 2012 from the publisher Bethesda. Xbox One users will have access to Strike Suit Zero and the on rails shoot em up that launched with the Xbox One Crimson Dragon.
These games are yours to keep for ever when you download and you can play them as much as you want even when your live account expires. There are only a few more days to pick the latest games with gold Guacamelee and Max Curse of the Brotherhood.
These offers start on the 1st of August and end on the 31st so get ready and clear some hard drive space.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Oddworld: New "n" Tasty Review.

By Sam Coles:
Back in 1997 a small company called Oddworld Inhabitants set out to create an artistic and cinematic platformer called Abe’s Oddyssey. What we got for the time was something new and completely different, something we’ve never seen as gamers with its fantastic artistic style and its dark themes. I love this game and it’s one of my favourite games for the PS1 and to see it revived and redone from scratch for the PS4 17 years later is awesome.
From the studio Just Add Water we are greeted with Oddworld: New “n” Tasty and I know what you’re thinking that this is going to be a lazy HD remake, but hold your horses this game is nothing of the sort. This game has been given the pride and has left most of the source material alone such as script (except for a few added lines and cutscenes) and the soundtrack which has been merely enhanced. This game has been remastered and built from the ground up with visuals and gameplay.
If you don’t know what the story is to Abe’s Oddyssey here is the basic gist. You play as Abe a member of race called the Mudokons who have under gone slavery for generations by the Glukkons. Abe was voted employee of the year and life seemed pretty good for him, until one night when he was working late he finds out that all species that they use for meat for food at Rupture Farms are decline and heading towards extinction. They have a plan to solve the problem and they want to turn their workers into Mudokon pops to solve their money problem. So Abe must go on a long journey in this colourful yet dangerous world to save his race from total annihilation while he’s being hunted.
Compared to the 1997 release all the gameplay and visuals have been completely refined which makes feel less clunky. Let’s start off with Abe’s movement which feels smoother along with the screen constantly scrolling and moving with you rather than the static screens for each area from the original which made it so you didn’t know what was ahead as well as the enemies respawning.
Abe feels more flexible and keeps momentum while keeping a decent speed and it no longer feels that you’re running on soap when you turn around. On the downside of the default movement being running all the time is that some of the more precise and careful platforming segments will end up with your untimely death exploding into chunks when you run head first into a landmine. Overall though Abe’s now platforming agility is good and feels fresh.
They’ve also taken other gameplay elements from Abe’s Exodus such as being able to communicate with multiple Mudokons and that is a big help and there are now just under 300 of them to save compared to the original 99 so good luck finding them all. You can now quick save which is really helpful in the really long puzzle sequences that start you all the way at the beginning if you die. All you have to do is hit the touch pad on the PS4 controller and it will save you in that exact position and when you die all have to do is hold down the track pad and it will take back to that position.
All the gamespeak controls are now mapped to the D-pad and you hold R2 to change to the whistling or farting (if you’re feeling juvenile). It makes it easier to talk to the characters because it no longer stops you in your tracks when you’re moving through the level and keeps it at a good pace.
The mind control makes a glorious return where you can take the reins of the trigger happy lackies called Sligs. This will help you get through some sections where you can kill of other Sligs, but you can't use it all the time because there will be an robot object that will shock you sometimes protecting them. There are other ways of dispatching foes such as tricking them into running into mines or throwing grenades at them.
The only problem there was during gameplay was that the game did crash on me the first time, it just gave an error message and the second time the whole system locked up so hopefully they’ll fix this in the future with a patch.
The graphics have been given a massive overhaul yet it still maintains the same feeling of the original with this dark, bleak and oppressive world you find yourself in with danger emerging around every corner. Everything runs at a buttery smooth 60 fps most of the time there are a few hiccups here and there when there are too many things exploding, but in general it runs at 60fps and 1080p, everything runs well and looks absolutely stunning.  
Overall Oddworld: New “n” Tasty is a fantastic experience if you want to go back and relive the memories of Rupture Farms, or traverse the beautiful forests of Parmonia. If you are a first time Oddworld player or not this is a game that you shouldn’t miss.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tekken 7 trailer straight from San Diego Comic-Con.

By Sam Coles:
With the recent announcement of Tekken 7 for the next gen we’ve all speculated what the gameplay would be like, does this trailer explain what the gameplay is like in motion? No. It’s another reveal trailer explaining the Mishima and Kazama conflict that has been the main focus in the Tekken series since its debut in 1995. All we know engine wise is that the game will be running on the Unreal 4 engine from Epic games.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Risen 3 Back to the Roots Trailer.

By Sam Coles:
(Trailer source: IGN).
Deep Silver have come out with a new trailer for the third instalment of the Risen series, it shows off the vast and detailed world as well as showing off how the game handles when traveling and when you’re locked in combat with the beasts that reside in the world.
This game looks promising as it looks as if they are taking more of a Gothic approach to this game because it’s the same developers of the Gothic series. The first two games they were not the best litter with low resolution textures and buggy gameplay mechanics.
What I like about Risen is that they don’t stick to the same generic fantasy locales although they’re playing it safe this time with the standard high fantasy setting. The first one was set in a Japanese style island and the second game was a pirate adventure completely unconnected to the original, it shows creativity and originality. Let’s hope the game will be a good swan song to Xbox 360 and PS3.
Risen 3 releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on the 15th of August so get ready for adventure.

Battlefield Hardline and Dragon Age Inquisition Delayed!

By Sam Coles:
The mixed opinion game Battlefield Hardline which has been seen more like an expansion pack than a game has been push back from its October release to 2015; this is probably due to them still fixing Battlefield 4 although Dice are not working on Hardline directly.
Perhaps EA have learnt from their mistakes this time and are willing to give them more time this time for developers to make the game as polished as they can. Battlefield 4 when it was released last November was a complete and utter mess with glitches, bugs and the online games being nearly unplayable to lag and bad hit detection.
Dragon Age Inquisition also receives a delay, but not as bad as Battlefield, the highly anticipated open world RPG has been delayed from its October release and is now to release in November instead, so it’s less of wait compared to Battlefield at least it’s not another year like last time with Dragon Age.
What do you think? Do you like the fact that EA are giving these developers more time to clear up any bugs to give you a clean and functional experience? Let me know in the comments or Tweet @bristoliangamer.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Grid Autosport: "Best of British" Add on now available.

By Sam Coles:
A new add on has been released by the guys at codemasters with three new cars from the United Kingdom as known as “Best of British” pack.
You’ll get access three new cars to help dominate in your career in Grid Autosport and to take down your opponents online. The three cars you’ll have access to are:
1995 McLaren F1 GTR
“We all know the McLaren F1 is an awesome road car – this is the GTR designed for Endurance Racing. It’s got a huge wing that will give you massive downforce in the corners, it’s all about being brave and attacking those corners at speeds you never thought possible.”
2011 Aston Martin Zagato V12
“The Zagato model has bodywork styled by Italian designers, but has a typical Aston Martin V12 engine, very powerful, very torquey. If you can manage the weight and the grip and fire it out the corners, you’ll benefit from all that power from the V12.”
2007 McLaren Mercedes SLR 722
“It’s got a huge supercharged V8 engine that sounds like an old World War Two Spitfire. There’s clearly a lot of power being put out from the V8, and you can really feel that in the car in our game.”

The DLC is available now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC for the low price of £2.39 so grab your British made cars and hit the circuit.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Launch Trailer.

By Sam Coles:
The remaster of one of my favourite PS1 games from 1997 Abe’s Oddyssey finally graces its presences on the 23rd of July on the PS4 with new gameplay, shiney new graphics and re-recorded cutscenes for current gen consoles. There is no word when the PS3, Vita or Wii U versions are coming out, but get ready if you have a PS4 with this launch trailer.

Yogscast's Yogventures Cancelled!

By Sam Coles:
The incredibly popular Youtube channel Yogscast have hit a bit of a predicament in the form of a brick wall. It was announced that the game they were working on titled “Yogsventures” has been cancelled due to the overwhelming nature according to the developers who were working on it. In case you don’t know what Yogventures was an open world sandbox game which would of featured members of the Yogscast such as Simon and Lewis, it was similar to Minecraft.
Yogscast started this on kickstarted asking for a goal of $250,000 and they exceeded that goal and almost hit $600k. They out sourced the development to an American developer Winter Cool Games, which only consisted of six people and that included the guy managing it. According the person managing the project he said on the Yogscast forums “He had a lack of experience managing a project of a large scope”. He also stated that he nearly lost his job and lost his wife in the process of the project.
The big question out of this is what happened to the half a million dollars that was given to them by their loyal fan base? Who knows, but what we do know is that Yogventures is not seeing the light of day and the backers for the project aren’t receiving refunds. According to Yogscast they’re not obligated to do anything about the situation.  

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Retro Review: Super Mario Land.

By Sam Coles:
We’ve entered the season known as “bugger all is coming out” where the gaming industry takes a back seat with news and releases of games so it gives us gaming reviewers and journalists a time to rest and indulge ourselves of games from the past or review games that we didn’t get to review this time round.
The game in question in this retro review takes us back to the year 1989, this marked the release date of the Nintendo Gameboy and it was the first commercially successful portable gaming system by Nintendo. I know you’re all going to say that it wasn’t the first portable gaming system and bring up the Game and Watch, but this system really broke into the casual market with people who don’t usually play video games, with titles such as Tetris that helped.
The launch title I’m here to review is Super Mario Land it was released alongside the Gameboy in 1989 and was the first Mario game not to be created by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto, but was instead headed and directed by the creator of the Gameboy and the producer of the Metroid series Gunpei Yokoi. So we had a new Mario game that was trusted to someone else.
So if you have been living under a rock or something you should know how a standard Mario game works with running and jumping keeping up a good speed to get through a level with careful platforming, but with some new enemies that we haven’t seen since this game debuted, from weird flies to sphinx’s that spit fire at you.
The locales aren’t your standard Mario setting either because instead of the familiar Mushroom Kingdom you have various locations from the different continents and countries around the world. These could be an Egyptian temple to an Easter Island style cave with the statues displaying in the background.
As well as the standard running and jumping in this game they added different segments to split up and add variety to gameplay such as having Mario piloting a submarine to get through those annoying water levels quickly while shooting everything in your way or fly in a plane and again shoot everything that moves. When you finish each level there will be two exits, the bottom one will let you finish as usual and the top one will grant you a bonus mini game where you have to determine which platform Mario goes on to score an extra life or power up such as a fireflower.
My only nitpicks with this game and it’s mainly due to the hardware limitations of lack colour is the fact you can’t tell when Mario has a fireflower and they did fix this situation with Super Mario Land 2 by having a feather in his cap, but it’s a bit irritating in this one. Another slight annoyance is that Mario does have any momentum when he jumps he feels incredibly floaty and sometimes you can’t judge where he is going to land when you go for long distance jumps.
Overall Super Mario Land is still a great game and is good to burn some time when you have nothing to do due to its short length and that’s not a bad thing. You can pick it up for fairly cheap because it’s not a particularly rare game, so if you want to relive some nostalgia or want to play it for the first time then pick up your Gameboy, Gameboy Colour or Gameboy Advanced. There is no shortage of systems to play this on. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tales of Xilla 2: Alvin (Alfred Vint Svent) and Elize Lutus & Teepo Character Introduction.

By Sam Coles:

We edge ever so closer to the release date of the JRPG Tales of Xilla 2 and Bandai Namco keep revealing more and more information about the characters that you’ll encounter and play as in this unique and epic RPG.


This character once delved in the life of espionage when he use to skulk around as spy, but he has turned a new leaf by becoming an honest salesman with his friend Yurgen they form a partnership and go into business together. He will learn that it’s not easy to live an honest life.


Once a shy person but after the events of the first chapter of the Tales Xilla saga she has learnt to trust people more. She is still looking for her own place in society and just wants to be accepted by her companions and colleagues. She finds here place in life with her pen pal Luna but they may be more to her new friend.

Tales of Xilla 2 is set to release on PS3 on August 22nd in UK, Europe and Australasian areas.

Rockstar Verified: 10 New GTA Online Jobs Including the #IMNOTAHIPSTER Selections

By Sam Coles:

Rockstar once more give us more verified jobs with the latest roster of user created content throughout this fantastic and imagintive community using assets from the "I'm not a hipster" update.

Dubsta Warz - created by Darteyld

Put the climbing ability of your new Dubsta to the test in this point-to-point Race where roads are for the weak. Starting out on Chumash Beach, get to the edge of the Grand Senora Desert as the crow flies, crossing mountains and scaling vertiginous slopes under twilight.

The 80’s Turf War - created by GAMRZ_UK_SLiCkZ3

This neighborhood gang shootout uses over the top, action movie inspired weapons and careful placement of the cars included in the "I'm Not a Hipster" Update to give Grove Street a vintage feel. Players start with a Micro SMG and a handful of ammo, though more powerful weapons can be picked up if you can find them. The scarcity of ammo here encourages a varied approach, whether it's stalking the rooftops or demonstrating that the bonnet of a Glendale is not the best cover when there are RPGs flying around.

Panto-monium Microcircuit - created by THEKerles

Proving that the Panto isn't just for old ladies and tree huggers, this intimate Lap Race is a test of car control and the ability to find the correct racing line. Expect tense bumper-to-bumper action, with very little runoff around some of the sharpest corners. You'll want to make the most of the few overtaking opportunities available.

Swedish Folkrace - created by MaximilianR18

Swedish Folkrace is a mixture of tarmac and off-road racing for inexpensive road vehicles - perfect for some of the cars featured in the "I'm Not a Hipster" Update. MaximilianR18 - a member of both the CREATOR CORE CLUB and GTA Content Creators Crews - has introduced this local pastime to GTA Online, adding slippery turns that make for an intense Lap Race with plenty of sideways action. As the description suggests, try this one in your customized Warrener.

HIPSTER DEATH RALLY - created by diggzzzz

The dirt roads by Senora Airstrip are the stage for this high speed off-road Race well suited to the "I'm Not a Hipster" Update cars. Watch out for the oil container on the first corner, or you could find yourself going out with the wrong kind of bang. There's also a ramp around half way to potentially slow you down or, if you come off a slipstream at just the right time, provide an opportunity for a stylish aerial overtake.

The Coil - Created by Wormbo

A hair-raising Race for Supercars that snakes around the oval ring roads at Los Santos International Airport and then down a sharp detour past the Sightings restaurant and back again. Prepare for white knuckles gripping steering wheels and game controllers as you hurtle around fast sweeping curves, along single track overpasses or through the chicanes and hairpins around the restaurant. Long narrow sections overlap several times, maximizing potential for some spectacular high-speed crashes.

The Los Santos Triangle - Created by Ma1evo1ent Cheese

After the Verification of Farm Fresh, Ma1evo1ent Cheese comes up with the goods once again with this short, technical Race with tight, Grand Prix-style corners that will push your car handling skills to the breaking point. Leave traffic off and go with Non-Contact to ensure that there are no distractions as you gun each lap trying to improve on your personal best. The default Supercar class will get around the course pretty quick, so go for a full 4 laps to really get a feel for it.

Loop the Lake - created by twisterrk

This is a beautifully simple Lap Race around the Vinewood Lake that provides fantastic views of the Vinewood sign, the Galileo Observatory and the Downtown Los Santos skyline. Try not to get distracted by the scenery as you battle for position on a narrow curving road. Aggressive maneuvers will pay off, but don't be afraid to use the brake to avoid getting trapped behind the low tire walls at several corners. This Race plays well with most vehicle classes but try Muscle or Sports for a more technical challenge. Creator twisterrk is a member of the Reddit Dads Crew - specifically designed for those whose family commitments limit the time that they have to play GTA Online. If that's a familiar issue, get involved!

Pit Stop - Created by IckyQualms

Thematically similar to previous verified Deathmatch Lodge Battle, this is a tight TDM map with plenty of hazards - don't linger too long by the fuel tanks! Pit Stop takes place in an underappreciated area of the map just off the Palomino freeway. Head off-piste to find the lone sniper rifle or make a play for the array of melee weapons to get a jump on unsuspecting opponents coming around corners.

Retaliate - Created by gun_harmony

A tight Deathmatch map that makes for a small, frantic 2-team TDM or compact free-for-all. A compact setup with good use of vertical space, plenty of cover and opportunities to flank the enemy team. Head in with your Crew for an 8v8 battle and seek retribution on any Crews you've got beef with.

Go and check these jobs with your friends now becuase they are now available.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Super Smash Bros. New Challengers Emerge.

By Sam Coles:

As we journey ever so closer to the release date of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS they keep showing us more and more characters spanning the universe of Nintendo that we’ll get to play as or beat the hell out of.

The latest to grace the roster is one of the veterans of the series who has been in the franchise since its humble beginning on the N64. No other than the F-Zero racer Captain Falcon with his signature move the Falcon Punch.

Also announce were two completely new characters from Fire Emblem Lucina who seems to look like a copy and paste pallet of Marth but female I don’t but I’ll have to play and find out. Robin from Fire Emblem is strange one because he or she (two genders you can pick from) has a spell book that the character can only use a certain amount of times, but he not completely useless after that Robin also has a sword.

So new Smash Bros. roster is slowly filling up as the months go past and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Mortal Kombat X: Raiden's Eye Popping Reveal.

By Sam Coles:
More fighting game related news coming from Evo over the weekend from the highly anticipated gore fest that is Mortal Kombat X with another character reveal.

The series recurring Thunder God Raiden got revealed with an eye popping extravaganza, show casing how he handles as well as the pain X-ray moves which will make shout “Ow”!  As well as showing off his spectacular Fatality where electrocutes the guy’s head until his eyes pop out and then rips his head and explodes the head.

More characters will be expected to be revealed as the year goes on as well as we get closer to the release date which has not been revealed just a vague 2015 release window.  

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