Saturday, 17 January 2015

Top 5 Emotional Games.

By Sam Coles:
Games can produce powerful emotions even pushing you to the brink of tears thanks to fantastic acting and motion capture we get in video games here are games that have emotional moments. One more thing spoiler alert.
5. Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect 3 gets a lot of flak because of its ending and yeah it wasn’t a stellar one with different colour explosions with the same outcome, but it’s when you see Commander Shepard with his last breath dragging himself to save the universe and you keep thinking “come on Shepard you can do it”. Coupled with the musical score you really feel the strain on him and it made grip the controller hard.
4.The Last of Us
From the beginning the game hits you with the emotions and does not pull any punches throughout the adventure, in the first 20 minutes it hits you with Joel’s daughter being shot by the military and then she dies. Troy Baker’s acting in this scene is so convincing it made me shed a tear and I had to pause the game for a couple of minutes afterwards. If you haven’t played The Last of Us then pick it up if you have a PS3 or PS4.
3. Halo 4
The Halo games never really had moments that were hard hitting so I went in with that attitude when I played Halo 4, but oh boy. Halo 4 continues 5 years after the events of Halo 3 and Master Chief and Cortana are drifting in space awaiting rescue. Cortana is reaching her life span as an AI and is slowly fading and is losing her mind. The further you go through this campaign she becomes more insane and is broken by the end. By the end of it John 117 says good bye to her and she feels his heart beat for the very first time, this is the only time that Master Chief shows any emotion and it caught me off guard and made squeeze a tear out.
2. Max Payne 3
This is another game that gamers are split down the deck about, but I really enjoyed it and I feel that it is underrated in my book. Yes the plot is simpler and don’t give me the thing about him being winey because can you blame him, in the first game he had his wife and child murdered and the second game his lover was killed so you can see why he’s pessimistic. You feel the strain from the start when he is boozing thinking about his family with mixed emotions of anger and sadness and that scene alone gets you hooked in this plot of betrayal and intrigue.
1.      Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots
My favourite franchise ever gets the number 1 spot with Solid Snake’s final days in his final mission. The story of Metal Gear Solid 4 is that Snake is suffering with accelerating aging which he thinks it is the Foxdie virus’s doing, but he was designed to age rapidly to stop the enemy from stealing him. This game really got to me because I’ve played through the entire series to that point and then seeing my character slowly dying and is almost lost all hope by the end really makes you think that he’s going to make it. The ending is the truly emotional scene when Solid Snake and Big Boss put aside their differences and forgive each other and then for him to die in your arms.

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