Monday, 11 May 2015

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC (PS4) - Grapple Hook Fun!

By Sam Coles:
So the next Call of Duty Advanced Warfare DLC has finally arrived for the Sony platforms and PC with Ascendance, which adds a new Exo Zombie map with new infected level, 4 new multiplayer maps and a grapple hook mode which adds a faster pace to the already chaotic gameplay. Is it fun yes and no let me go through it.
In the new Exo Zombie map it takes place in a gas station and they’ve added a new Zombie type who are in the Goliath suits and yes they can operate the Gatling guns it’s a nice addition to the new mode and keeps things fresh but the fundamental gameplay is the same where you go through wave over wave until you die.
The fun part of this map pack is the added grapple mode which accommodates for the verticality of the new maps and really increases the speed and craziness in a good way and you can kill players with the grapple hook and it never gets old. How the grapple hook works is that it is like a exo ability so it runs on a battery so you can’t just spam it, it’s a great way to get round the new maps in combination with the exo jumps and dodges it really ads to the combat. The pack also comes with a brand new weapon which its primary function is an LMG but it has a secondary mode where it can turn into an automatic shotgun, I feel that this weapon is too heavy and sluggish in combination of the maps and grapple hook mode I feel that a new SMG would have suited the situation better.
Here are the maps that are included in the multiplayer:
Perplex is a small set of apartment buildings in Sydney which requires you to look everywhere when you’re on the ground because players like to hide on the rooftops to get an advantage. This is a close quarters map so I would suggest using sub machine guns and shotguns to gain full advantage in this tight yet open space.
Site 244:
This map is set in a crash site where a derelict alien space craft has found its self by Mt Rushmore bit bizarre but hey. This map is a medium to large map so weapons I would recommend using are assault rifles, LMG’s and sniper rifles so this a fairly long range map so be prepared to get sniped a lot.
Climate is a bio dome which has water flowing throughout the facility, but it can turn toxic and acidic in matches so after that has been activated don’t venture into the water because it will burn you alive. The map is a circular map so I would recommend using SMG’s and keep moving to keep your momentum that’s where the grapple hook comes into play to speed you around the map.
Chop Shop:
Finally Chop Shop is a small work shop for military hardware and exo suits so maybe you can go in for an oil change when you’re in the middle of a battle. This is a small and quick map which the advised weapon to choose is an automatic shotgun rather than a pump action because you’ll have delayed shots if you choose the pump action option and use the grapple hook to help you rack up kills.
Call of Duty’s new map back is fun only because of the new addition of the new grapple hook which adds even more speed which reminds of the old school shooters from the past. The only downfall is the new weapon because it doesn’t suit the frantic gameplay due to its sluggish and heavy nature.

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