Sunday, 21 February 2016

Transformers Devastation Review - Autobots Rollout!

By Sam Coles:

Transformers the original series and movie are fantastic with its excellent animation and action. Games based on Transformers have been around for a couple of decades, but they have been hit or miss, we got the excellent Transformers game on PS2 based on the Armada series and the Cybertron games by High Moon Studios. However most of the games based on the transforming robots have been absolutely abysmal, we’ve been asking for a game based on generation one Transformers for years and it only caught the attention of Platinum games to make a game with the art style of the original series. Is it successful in capturing the spirt of the original series? Absolutely!

The Story of Transformers Devastation sees you step into the shoes of Autobots trying to stop the Decepticons from cyber forming earth. Yeah it’s not original by any means, but Transformers story have always been simple to set up the action.

You can take control of several Autobots you have Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Sideswipe and Grimlock. I always choose Optimus Prime all the time of course because he is powerful and mighty and plus who doesn’t like to hear the voice of Peter Cullen. That’s what I love about this game with how much care and attention they gave this game because they brought back all the original voice actors from the original series to fulfil their original roles.  

The gameplay is quick and precise so you must be on your toes because this game can be very challenging in places especially when they increase the number of enemies and enemy types. If you have played any game from Platinum Games then you will feel right at home with this game as it has a similar style to Metal Gear Rising with its layout and control scheme, although it lacks the parry system. It has a mixture of both hand to hand combat and shooting, but you won’t be using firearms often as they are there to take care of enemies that have flight capabilities, you’ll mostly be using your fists or melee type weaponry.

The presentation is superb as it evokes the old cartoon from the 80’s with the same art style with some different effects as it is a video game with some CGI to help the smooth 60 fps movement. The voice acting is great as they are the original cast so they just pick up where left off, you really can tell they’re having a blast stepping back into these roles. The sound and music is fantastic with crunchy sounds as you smash other robots as they explode, the music is awesome with heavy metal tracks complementing the high speed gameplay.

The only problem that I really have with this game is that it’s too short and if you bought it when it came out you probably felt ripped off. So wait for a sale like I did when I got this game because it’s not worth full price.

Transformers Devastation is the Transformers game that I’ve been waiting for where it doesn’t take itself seriously with over the top action. Get this game it’s on 7th and 8th generation consoles. GO OUT AND GET! 

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