Monday, 14 March 2016

Mortal Kombat XL Review - The Ultimate Package!

By Sam Coles:

Mortal Kombat X was one of my favourite games from 2015 because it set the standard again of how fighting games should be made for home consoles and shows that fighting games are still relevant on consoles. Mortal Kombat XL gives you what was in the vanilla game, but with more characters and features.

Mortal Kombat XL adds characters from Kombat Pack 1 and 2 and they’re all unique and fun to use. Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th is a great character because he has quick moves but very slow and powerful slashes from his machete. The subtle details that I like about this character it will play musical ques with him when he performs his Fatalities and Brutalities, which is a shame they didn’t do it with the other horror characters that feature in this game.

Leatheface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a brute character as he moves slowly but once he locks you in a combo he outputs some devastating damage with his chainsaw. His moves are brutal which will make you wince when he drives a chainsaw through his foes and that also goes for his Fatalities and Brutalities.

Predator use guerrilla tactics to take down his enemies with stealth and traps that he can put down during the fight, his fatalities and brutalities involve him getting up close and personal. Alien is a fast fighter using acid to blind enemies coupled with fast swipes that can cause a lot of bleeding, Alien also likes to pounce on enemies and continuously swipe at their face before taking a bite out of their neck. Alien’s Fatalities range from him getting up and person with his mouth to summoning the Alien queen.

Triborg is a mixture of the cyborg ninjas from MK 3 so you can pick move sets that will mimic Sektor, Cyrax, Smoke and Cyber Sub Zero. This is great because it’s like you have four characters in one because each variation represents each of the characters which gives Triborg a huge advantage because he has a huge and devastating move set.

All these new characters are great new additions to the game and fit Mortal Kombat X’s over the top violence and I would love to see more characters from popular film to be featured in Mortal Kombat. You also get access to new costumes and Stage Fatalities which were not featured when the game was first released.

It could be me where I haven’t played the game for a while but I swear the visuals have been touched up a bit or it could be my eyes playing tricks, but what I’m saying is that this game is a looker with the graphic detail of the violence,  character models and environments.

Overall Mortal Kombat XL is the ultimate package if you missed it the first time round, so if you’re looking for some over the top violence and you can stomach it get this game!

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