Friday, 2 December 2016

Call of Duty: Ghosts Review - Is it the worst Call of Duty game?

 By Sam Coles:

Call of Duty is the hate bandwagon that people like to jump on because it makes them look cool when it does not. The hate started with Call of Duty Ghosts which is considered by the community the worst game in the series, is that bad? Yes and no.

Call of Duty Ghosts takes place in the not so far future, but it’s not future combat like Advanced Warfare etc. it’s still very much a modern military shooter like Modern Warfare. The game’s premise is that the entirety of South America have band together to form a union called The Federation and they have the bright idea to hijack the US’s orbital missile weapon so they can have a back door to invade the states. The game’s story is extremely silly and stupid and not in an entertaining way like with the other games because they play it seriously and it doesn’t help that the voice acting is unusually bad for a Call of Duty campaign.

Not to say that the campaign doesn’t have its moments such as the part where you have crashed in a rain forest and you have to use stealth as you’re out armed and outnumbered. The parts where you take control of Rylie the dog are fun as you rip throats out as you sneak through long grass but you only do this once and it’s tossed a side.

The gameplay is familiar if you’ve played any Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare games where you point and shoot as you run down a linear corridor, but at this stage this was during the period when people were getting sick of the modern military shooter. You have gameplay gimmicks that come and go during the campaign which you never get to utilise again.

The multiplayer is okay but overall is lacklustre and does not add anything new to the table, it’s a decent laugh if you want to play with your friends but overall it is rather cookie cutter due to the lack of innovative ideas. They did have game altering aspects with the environments but they don't compare to Battlefield 4 with the falling skyscraper.

The game’s presentation is not great it looks very blocky and it is bizarre how Black Ops 1 a game that came out in 2010 looks much better than this game. The environments are grey, brown and boring to slog through there is no splash of colour and I know they’re going for that post-apocalyptic look but you can still have colour in that setting. The presentation overall is unappealing.

Call of Duty Ghosts at the end of the day is a game that I can’t recommend and this is coming from a fan of Call of Duty, the gameplay is cookie cutter, uninspired, boring and just tiring it is fairly cheap if you’re curious but I do not recommend it.

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