Sunday, 5 February 2017

Wet Review - A game that doesn't take itself seriously.

By Sam Coles:

There was a time where developers were trying to mimic the style of God of War or Devil May Cry with same style of action before open world games became over saturated. Wet is one of these games and it’s actually a really fun game and it got a lot of negative attention when it came out and I don’t understand why? Is it perfect? No of course not but it’s not a bad game it’s a fun action packed game, with a fantastic art style and awesome soundtrack.

The story of Wet is about a mercenary named Rubi who is a bad ass who shoots first and asks questions later and she takes on work from whoever pays the most. She gets caught up in a conspiracy as she hands over a man who is a son of a client and is then framed for his murder, she then goes on a tale for revenge and kills anyone who gets in her way. The story is campy and fun and is not to be taken seriously as it adapts the style of grindhouse cinema from the 70’s and Tarantino films with over the top violence.

The gameplay is familiar if you’ve played action games like God of War or Devil May Cry with sword play and duel wielding pistols similar to Dante, but it has mechanics from John Woo’s Stranglehold. It grades you on the style of kill you have done and this cane range from you running on walls, doing backflips, diving through the air or my favourite sliding on your knees as you knee cap enemies with your revolvers. It’s gloriously over the top in every sense with the action and the blood and gore.

There is an interesting mechanic when you are diving or sliding it will go into slow motion and you can then aim at two enemies at once where the red circle is locked on with one hand and you can manually aim with the other. This is great as you can dispatch foes quickly especially when you’re fully upgraded. Sometimes Rubi will go into a rage mode where everything turns red and white this is where you can rack up a serious multiplier and you attack harder and faster.

Visually the game looks decent for a title that came out in 2009 it adapts the grindhouse look with film grain, this can get irritating at times but fortunately you can turn it off in the options menu. The soundtrack is amazing with a  mix of 1960’s rock and roll and punk rock during the high octane action sequences that get you pumped when you’re slicing and dicing or leaping from car to car in high speed chases.

The only problem I really have with this game are the platforming sections they really kill the pace of the game and Rubi feels very floaty in these parts as her movement is suited to combat rather than platforming.

Wet is a game that you don’t see these days as the industry makes games that are ultra-serious and don’t know how to laugh sometimes. The game is really fun with a great soundtrack and over the top gameplay pick this game up I found a copy for £1 and I would highly recommend it. 

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