Saturday, 23 August 2014

Lego: Ninjagao Nindroids Review.

By Sam Coles:
Lego games and I have never seen eye to eye just because of the fact that they haven’t changed the gameplay of these games since the original Lego: Star Wars game back on the PS2. Also it’s the problem of them becoming very repetitive over time because the gameplay is generally not varied and the combat in a lot of these games are very stiff and slow. Does Lego Ninjago Nindroids solve this problem in some aspects yes, in others no.
The story of this game is after a massive attack, where the town of Ninjago has been destroyed and the citizens are rebuilding Ninjago into the new metropolis of New Ninjago. Then you find out that there is a new enemy on the horizon called the Nindroids and you must use martial arts skills to take them down.
The gameplay is your standard fare when it comes to Lego games you go through each level constructing new contraptions that will get you to the next part of the level, while collecting studs which act as your currency as well as the blue studs if you are a completetionist.
The levels are really short, but I guess that it’s the reason to be on a handheld only, which doesn’t bother me too much because my main problem with Lego games is that the levels go on and on which is coupled with the repetitive gameplay. It’s better in this game because you are playing on a handheld so you are supposed to play it in short bursts for example if you are on the bus that kind of thing.
Instead of playing in a third person perspective like the other games, Ninjago takes an overhead view of gameplay similar to games like Diablo or Torchlight which is a nice touch because you can see everything that is coming at you, but this becomes a pain when it comes down to the platforming puzzles because you can’t judge the height and distance of each platform. It’s a nice change in pace but it does become frustrating when you have to do precise movements.
The combat in most Lego games has always been stiff and a chore to do but it seems to be better and finely tuned but it’s still very awkward and at time you can’t tell if you are hitting an enemy or if the damage has registered.
Overall this isn’t the worst Lego game I’ve played but it’s still marred by the standard Lego game tropes that have not changed since Lego Star Wars back on the PS2, maybe give it go if drops in price if you’re looking for something quick to burn some time on your 3DS or Vita.

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