Thursday, 21 August 2014

GTA Online: The San Andreas Flight School Event Weekend August 22nd-24th

By Sam Coles:

To celebrate the Top Gun themed update the flight school of San Andreas Rockstar are holding an event which has the usual double XP and double money for the event but you’ll also get hold of some special items that are only available this weekend.

You’ll gain more RP if you perform acrobatic skills when you are taking part in flying races such examples are flying under bridges so you are reward for show boating. Once you take part you’ll have access to the High flyer parachute pack and all you have to do is take part and it will appear at any of your local ammunation stores free of charge.

The event of the San Andreas flight school starts on the 22nd of August and finishes on the 24th so get out there and take to the skies and find your wingman.  

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