Thursday, 4 December 2014

Grand Theft Auto V gets pulled from Target Australia Shelves.

By Sam Coles:
A few days ago a petition on appeared from feminists about Rockstar’s latest open world game Grand Theft Auto V and that it’s about violent acts against women and it’s the sole purpose of the game that you can abuse and kill women despite the fact that is not true it’s a sandbox game you can do whatever you want.
So in the petition they want to pull GTA V from Target store shelves and most people would laugh at this tell them go back under their rock and brush it off, but oh no! They’re serious you want to know how serious let’s say over 40,000 signatures worth of serious which absolutely boggles my mind how anyone could look at this and can keep a straight face. Unfortunately Target in Australia have taken the games down, but they said they will carry on stocking mature rated games and film in their store which is so hypocritical that it aggravates me.
The weak sauce excuse that they put in this petition is that “It’s teaching little boys to beat up women” which is completely false because you can do whatever you want to in an open world game if you want to run over some with a car you can, if you want to grab a machine gun and go on a rampage you can or hell you grab a helicopter fly to the highest point and land on someone, but besides that this game is set in the criminal underworld the themes are going to be dark and gritty and as CEO of Take 2 said “it’s art but it’s gritty”. The main point of that statement that I want to talk about is this what does it say on the front and back of the box? It says that it is rated 18+ and is unsuitable for players under the age of 18 in Australia and here in the United Kingdom so it’s not the game developers fault that it gets into children’s hands it’s the parents so news flash parents this game is not for kids and don’t buy the game for them you wouldn’t buy them a 18+ film.
At the moment I just want to know what the hell is going on the industry from the Hatred game to the fact that your main protagonist isn’t female why is everyone suddenly analysing games like this I wish people could have fun in any industry and not the just gaming industry. This whole situation is becoming censorship because art has a right to be released despite opinion and if you don’t like ignore it or critique in a mature manner rather than just saying that it’s “shit”. I hope you change your mind Target Australia because this is absolutely ridiculous and is complete censorship get your act together and ignore this preposterous petition.

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