Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Xbox 360 and PS3 it's time to say good bye.

By Sam Coles:

The Xbox 360 and PS3 have had a long life span in the way of a console generation and that is very odd when it comes to games consoles because they only last for five years at best, the last time I can think about this happening was the Atari 2600. People are suddenly disheartened when they see comparison videos of multi-gen consoles and the graphics are blurry with constant pop in. People keep saying that these systems can do graphics on par with the new gen systems which I would say that you are deluded.

What people have to realise is that the Xbox 360 first can out at the end of 2005 which was 10 years ago this year and the hardware is very dated and the PS3 came out late 2006 which was nine years ago. I don’t understand why people seem to think that the Xbox 360 and PS3 were going last forever, it was a very strange generation because it was the transition from standard definition to high definition and it changed everything.

Image source: IGN.

These consoles are slowly bleeding out and are struggling to keep up and are about to collapse on this battlefield in this console war. I get people can’t afford these systems, but think about it what games are coming out on the last gen systems in the future? There aren’t many are there? The only major game I can think of that is coming to the last gen systems in the next few months is Battlefield Hardline and if memory serves me well Battlefield 4 which runs on the same engine had horrendous pop in and blurry textures, so you’ll be getting a sub-par version of the latest Battlefield, but besides that there isn’t really anything major coming to those consoles because all the big titles are coming to the PS4 and Xbox One. Game developers have already voiced their concerns about having their games on two generations of technology and Techland with their latest zombie game Dying Light cut off the development of the game on the Xbox 360 and PS3 because it simply couldn’t happen.

This is normal when a console generation transition happens although when a game comes out on multiple systems you generally didn’t get the same game they were watered down versions of the game such as Call of Duty 2 big red one on Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube. This time however we’re getting the same experience on all systems except graphically such as Wolfenstein the new order, Watch Dogs, Thief etc. however you can clearly see that these systems are struggling to keep up with the amount that is going on in these games with the environments and player count in the multiplayer.

By the end of 2015 I have a feeling that all triple A games will only be released on the 8th gen consoles and there will be mostly shovelware on the last gen systems. Xbox 360 and PS3 you are great consoles but it’s time to step aside and let the new guys in. I still have my 360 and PS3 and I don’t plan on getting rid of them, but I also own both the One and PS4 and I can acknowledge that it’s time to let it go. We all knew that the Xbox 360 and PS3 were not going to last for ever.

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