Saturday, 18 July 2015

Wolfenstein The New Order- One Year Later.

By Sam Coles:
So if you’re an avid reader of my blog you will know that I love Wolfenstein The New Order, one year later I’ve come back to game since I’ve played The Old Blood and of course I upgraded to the PS4 version which was nice. I just wanted to give my opinion on it after a year of its release and if it stills holds up, in short yes but let’s get into it shall we.
Wolfenstein before this game was on the edge that the fact that no one really talked about it and no one wanted to really play a game in the series, so the series went on hiatus for a few years. Then a third party developer took up the I.P and created a great game which would not have regenerating health and no multiplayer. The thing about Wolfenstein The New Order that gamers and critics loved was the fact there was a human touch added to the series that all the characters felt worn down by the situation and don’t want to fight anymore, even down to B.J questioning what he is doing by killing all these Nazis. The villains are brilliant who instantly hateable and not just the fact that they are Nazis which yes is a big part, but also their characters are well written.
Let’s talk about the gameplay; has it aged well in a year? Of course it has it’s fast paced and over the top with its hardcore violence where enemies heads pop like cherries and that you can duel weld weapons that you wouldn’t be able to in real life. You have a vast array of weapons from your standard pistol, shotgun, machine and stuff and then you have the sci-fi weapons such as the laser that will make your enemies explode if you do a well-placed headshot. As I said this game has no multiplayer and the thing is it doesn’t need a multiplayer mode as it has a long campaign that will keep you invested with the characters and story.
Overall the game still holds after a year and will hold up as one of the best games of the 8th generation in my opinion and you can pick up this game and the stand alone expansion The Old Blood for £30 together these days so go and get it if you haven’t played it.

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