Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Wolfenstein The Old Blood Review - Loud, Dumb and Fun.

By Sam Coles:

If you are an avid reader of my blog you'll know that Wolfenstein The New Order was one of my favourite games of 2014 with it's human touch to the series and some good old fashioned shooter gameplay with no regenerating health coupled with the ridiculous over top shooter gameplay from the nineties. So here comes the stand alone expansion The Old Blood.

Once again you step into the big shoes of B.J trying to fight the Nazi empire, story is set in two parts, the first part is set in Castle Wolfenstein where you're trying to infiltrate the fortress to find out where Deathshead's compound is, the second part is set in a digging site where the Nazi's are trying to make an undead army so yes you get the clich├ęd Nazi Zombies. So yes the story this time round is more light hearted and well... stupid, but that is what the charm is because it goes back to the routes of the series where it's over the top, loud and dumb.

Gameplay and visual wise it's exactly the same as The New Order where you can pretty much duel weld any weapon you want to and it never gets boring gunning down Nazi's with duel automatic shotguns.

They've sprinkled in a couple of brand new weapons such as a bolt action rifle that is way over powered because it can take down most enemies in one shot and you have a pistol that is a very portable grenade launcher which is awesome to explode Nazi's into a viscerally satisfying fashion. You also get a new melee weapon in the form of the pipe where takedown enemies silently in a very up close and brutal fashion and it can be used to climb certain walls as well.

The only nit pick I really have with this game and I had the same issue with The New Order is that you have to press square (I played it on PS4) to pick up ammo, health and new weapons and it really kills the pace in some gun fights because you're walking round like an idiot looking at the floor looking for ammo. I hope they fix this in the sequel of Wolfenstein.

Overall The Old Blood is a great short expansion, yes short but you're only paying £14.99 for it which is a bargain for what you get, it's loud, dumb and fun. I would highly recommend getting it if you want more Wolfenstein.

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