Sunday, 25 October 2015

Metal Gear Online Review - Stealth Action With Friends

By Sam Coles:

Metal Gear Online is what happens when you take the singleplayer stealth gameplay and you add 15 other people in a fun and sometimes chaotic game. Does it work? For the most part yes it works very well in a multiplayer environment.

First you must create your character and select a class, you can use your character that you created at the start of the campaign of The Phantom Pain or you can make a new character if you want to. You have three classes to choose from which complement each other if they’re distributed evenly in a team:

·        The Enforcer: These are guys who are going to be laying down most of the firepower during firefights as they’re heavily armoured and carry LMG’s, however they are slowest out of the three classes as they carry heavy weapons.
·        The Infiltrator: If you like close quarters and sneaking around then this class is the one for you as they specialise in CQC skills and sneaking around the outside of the map, they’ll be very useful for objective based games.
·        The Scout: If you choose this class you’ll be the eyes and ears for your team as you stay back and survey the area by spotting enemies and providing sniper fire.

You can level up your character bit by bit which will unlock new weapons and gadgets for your character. You can unlock gadgets such as the stealth camo which make you partially invisible for a few minutes which can be very helpful during objective based games to the cardboard box which is to be honest useless. You have an array of weapons to choose from such as pistols, SMG’s, assault rifles, LMG’s and sniper rifles to non-lethal options such as tranquilizer guns and stun grenades which offers a different style of play.

You have three game modes that you can choose to play:

·        Bounty Hunter
·        Comm Control
·        Cloak and Dagger

Bounty Hunter is Team Deathmatch but with a twist. You kill enemies to score like any other deathmatch mode, however every time you get a kill a bounty is added on your head each time you gun someone down. If you see someone with a high bounty you could shoot them, but if you knock them out and Fulton them you gain more tickets and the amount depends on how high their bounty is. I like this because you can turn a match around if your team is losing; it makes you play in a non-lethal style like the singleplayer campaign and makes the game balanced.

Comm Control is another twist of the Domination mode from games such as Call of Duty or Gears of War etc. You have an attacking team that has to use the uplink points to speed up the download of the intel that they’re after. The defending team must keep those points on lock down to stop them from downloading the intel. It’s fun but it’s not anything that I haven’t seen before in terms of multiplayer.

Finally we have Cloak and Dagger where stealth which is key to winning, well on the attacking team anyway. How this works is that the team that is the attacking team have unlimited stealth camo and must steal discs then take it back to their base and upload it. I hear you saying “Unlimited stealth camo! Easy!” Well you’ll be wrong because if you’re spotted you’re stealth camo will be disabled for a short time and you must hide until the heat calms down. The attackers will only be armed with tranquilizer guns and that’s it and you can knock enemies out where you can either Fulton them or stick a knife in their throat.

Now I have a couple of negatives with Metal Gear Online and the first one is that there is a huge problem with stun grenade spamming especially in the Comm Control mode because you’re given 3 stun grenades which is too much in my opinion. The second is that there are not enough game modes there are only three and it gets boring fast, they need to add more which I expect they will do in a future update.

Metal Gear Online is fun addition to already great game Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, it blends the stealth gameplay from the singleplayer and puts it into a multiplayer environment and it works. I wish there were more gamemodes, but overall it’s a fun addition. 

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