Tuesday, 5 April 2016

American Truck Simulator – Truckin through America

By  Kim Arnold: 

Twitter: @wildestdreams93

American Truck Simulator is another addition to the driving simulators. If you enjoyed Euro Truck Simulator 2 then no doubt you will enjoy this game.
American Truck Simulator is a smaller version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 at the moment, it currently covers California and Nevada, but hopefully someday we will see more expansion to the US. In fact they are currently working hard on the Arizona DLC as we speak which will be a free update to the game.

 The driving simulator is a great single player game if you just want to relax and drive. It consists of beautiful scenery as you drive place to place to make your deliveries. You also have the feature of the inbuilt radio which you can update via the internet. For me, nothing beats driving down an empty road with the classic rock station blaring and singing along.
You can just play the game via the Job Market and take on numerous amount of quick delivery jobs. Its a simple way to play the game while building up the money and XP, in which you can put towards building your own trucking company if you wish.
American Truck Simulator is addictive and you can easily lose a vast amount of hours to it and even more so now with the added Steam Workshop, allowing you and the community to download and make mods for the game.

Overall, it's a fantastic game in my opinion, and I for one am looking forward to seeing the game expand more with new States being added and potentially more trucks in the future.

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