Saturday, 2 April 2016

Platinum Demo: Final Fantasy XV Thoughts.

By Sam Coles:

It’s only been recently that I have got into the Final Fantasy series, so I was ecstatic when I could get a chance to try out the latest in the series Final Fantasy XV with the Platinum demo. What I got a chance to play was great but radically different compared to the Final Fantasy games I’ve been playing recently.

The first thing I have to say when I started this demo is that the graphics are incredible it’s like you’re playing a pre-rendered cutscene from Final Fantasy XIII with superb animation from characters and environments with trees and grass swaying in the wind.

It walks you through the basics of the gameplay starting with movement which feels very smooth as you explore areas where you can sprint and jump! Finally you can jump, I know what you’re thinking “What’s the big deal”? Well I hate games that restrict you from jumping especially games that have elevated geometry, games like The Witcher 2 and Kingdoms of Amular had the same problem. It’s a small detail but I like having the freedom to movement where I want when I want.

Gameplay with combat feels very familiar if you have played the Kingdom Hearts series, well it is the Kingdom Hearts battle system where it is real time rather than turn based, and it feels very stream lined compared to previous Final Fantasy games which I’ve been playing recently. This doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means, but I can see it will annoy Final Fantasy veterans because it almost sucks the challenge and tactics from previous games where this time you can mash the attack button and dodge. This is a Final Fantasy game for a new generation and audience and I don’t think the traditional gameplay would work in the triple A market.

You play through a dream sequence and you can control what happens in that dream whether it is the day night cycle and locations. This looks as if it will play a big part in the full game when it releases where you have to deter what is real and is fiction and I like this idea.

Overall I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played of Final Fantasy XV so far and I look forward to the full game when it releases on the 30th of September on PS4 and Xbox One. 

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