Thursday, 21 July 2016

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review - DICE can do good singleplayer campaigns.

By Sam Coles:

When you hear the title Battlefield you think very serious and gritty war games, but what if I told you that there was a time when DICE had a sense of humour with the Battlefield series and I am of course talking about Bad Company 2. The Bad Company games are great with brilliant gameplay and a fantastic campaign with corny one liners and banter which the main characters swapping back and forth between each other. So when someone says DICE can’t do campaigns just say Bad Company.

Bad Company 2 begins during the Second World War where you’re in the Pacific front trying to uncover a top secret weapon that the Japanese are working on. You’re part of a Navy Seals special unit who are looking for a scientist who worked on the weapon, the game starts off quiet which is unusual with these games because they usually throw you straight into the action and I appreciate that and it makes the action unexpected.

Something goes wrong and then it jumps to the present day (2010 which was present day when this game came out) where the Bad Company unit return and they find themselves in Alaska where the Russians have taken over large chunks of the world and they’re slowly moving towards America. The highlight of the game’s campaign are the characters in the Bad Company unit because the dialogue between them is hilarious because they’ve been through a lot in terms of war but they’ve learnt to laugh it off and see the more humours side of it in a dark and twisted way.

The gameplay is a first person shooter (duh!) where you through different locales from snow laden mountains to the lush, tropical and humid jungles of South America shooting anything that moves. Each location is varied and interesting to keep you pushing through the campaign with different terrains that you have to contend with. This game’s unique selling point is the destruction you can cause which is absolutely amazing even comparing it to modern Battlefield games because if you see a building or structure and you don’t like it you can destroy it which is fantastic. This can work to your advantage as well because you can create new vantage points by shooting holes in walls and this plays a huge part in the multiplayer.

The presentation still holds up considering the game came out six years ago with the detailed environments, exquisite gun models and the good characters models with excellent animation when they get shot and die, animation across the board is excellent even with the environments. The sound design! What can I say about the sound design it’s DICE they know what they’re doing when it comes to sound with the distant crackle of gunfire after you’ve pulled the trigger to the earth quaking explosion sounds and even the enemies death screams echoing across the battlefield! I can’t say anything bad about the sound design.

There is multiplayer although it’s probably baron these days as most people will be playing Battlefield 4 or Hardline (unless you’re on PC) it was one of the biggest multiplayer games on the Xbox 360 and PS3 with player counts up to 24 players which sounds pathetic compared today’s standards, but this was console gaming in 2010. You have your standard modes like Conquest, deathmatch etc. but this was the game where they introduced the Rush mode where you have two sites you have to blow up or defend, when one team blows up both sites you move up to the next base, it’s good tug of war style of game.

My only problem with this game is when you’re sniping on some maps there is this weird graphically problem where you get this haze when you’re scanning a distant compound and this seems to happen on snow maps, it’s a pain but it doesn’t happen too often.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a blast from start to finish with singleplayer and multiplayer with great action, fun characters and over the top destruction that would make Michael Bay blush. If you haven’t played this game go out and get it! It’s super cheap and easy to find! 

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