Saturday, 27 August 2016

Worms WMD Review - Always a classic.

By Sam Coles:

It’s hard to believe that the Worms series has been around for over 20 years and the gameplay has been mostly unchanged, minus the hiccup with the 3D Worms, but we don’t talk about that. When I was a child I owned most of the Worms games on the PS1 such as the original and my personal favourite World Party. To my surprise I found out that a new game was coming out on the Xbox One and PS4 and to say I was excited was an understatement because I’m huge fan of the series. Worms WMD goes back to the classic formula by removing the classes from Revolution and Battlegrounds and goes back to standard Worms gameplay but on a bigger scale.

Worms WMD has a really good singleplayer offering because if you’re an avid player you will know that the series is the best when you’re with friends, but this game has a substantial campaign and challenge mode for you to get use to the new mechanics. There are varied and challenging with each mission and the objective isn’t always killing all the worms it can vary from defend a VIP to collecting a heavily guarded create. You also get mini challenges on a check list where there are certain stipulations that you have to meet which will level you up and you can unlock new hats, voice samples, graves and victory music. There is so much content for you to unlock to customise your teams and my personal favourite voices to equip are the Achievement Hunter voices because it’s funny to hear their voices all squeaky especially Geoff’s laugh.

So what’s new? I hear you cry! Well they’ve added some new weapons that are themed around other games as they appear as guests such as the Rocket League car to the dubstep gun from Saint’s Row IV. Another new mechanic they have added is crafting, what you can do is make more weapons if you’re running low or you can improve the damage or add new effects to current weapons. This is great because it adds a bit of unpredictability as you don’t know what your foe has constructed and plus it gives you something to do in between turns.

Another new feature is that you can have up to eight worms on one team as well as having and up to six players which is absolute chaos and it will take you a while to finish a game. They’ve added vehicles too so you can take control of tanks which shoot multiple shots if you hold down the fire button and mech suits which are devastating which can send worms flying.

The games graphics are beautiful, rather than going for the CGI look like the last two games Team 17 instead went for a cell shaded look and it looks wonderful. The worms have over exaggerated expressions with funny faces and large mouths when they scream; this art style is going to age well with the years to come.

The only problems I have is something the worms series has always had and that is when you’re moving you have a habit of getting stuck on the level geometry and it can be a pain.

Worms WMD is an absolute classic with new features sprinkled in to make it fresh, but they maintain the classic formula with great gameplay and chaotic multiplayer. This game is fantastic and I urge you to go out and get it, plus it’s cheap it only costs £19.99 as of writing this review. It’s a great way for Team 17 to celebrate 25 years! Happy 25th Team 17 and I hope you last for another 25 years.

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