Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Darksiders Warmastered Edition - War has never looked so good.

By Sam Coles:

Darksiders is a series I feel that does not get enough attention and that is a shame because it is a fantastic game. I love THQ Nordic have rereleased them on Xbox One and PS4 to give the two games attention, they released the second game last year first and now the first which is the best one. Hopefully this will garner enough attention to get a third instalment, so how does the remaster stack up? Very well!

Darksiders takes place in the modern day (for 2010) when the apocalypse has begun on Earth and the player character War answers the call. However he has noticed that his brothers are not there with him and realises that the call was false and is then put on trial by the Chard Council who keep the peace and balance between heaven and hell. The story is interesting with the lore of the world by taking certain things from Christian afterlife etc. which will keep you intrigued from start to finish coupled with good voice acting.

The gameplay is an interesting one and it’s not a style you see often replicated and that style is The Legend of Zelda. This game controls like the 3D Zelda games with the lock on feature, exploring dungeons, unlocking items and fighting bosses. However the combat is much better than any of the Zelda games taking ques from games such as, Devil May Cry with the fast pace combat to the over the top violence of God of War. The gameplay is varied and fantastic unlocking new abilities such as being able to glide with wings to turning into a massive demon that destroys everything in its path. You gain souls which you can exchange for items such as healing potions, mana potions and upgrades for your weapon.

The visuals have been given a decent bump in quality with updated textures that look nice and smooth especially the quality of War’s character model. Colours have been give an extra bump as they look more vibrant compared to the Xbox 360 version; I played it on Xbox One if you’re curious.  It’s also great that game runs at 60 frames per second which makes the game more responsive compared to the original and it’s not just bound to the PS4 version like it was with Darksiders II which I don’t know why that was the case when that game was not visually intense.

The only problem I really have with Darksiders is that the game is really bad at telling me when I’m being hit by small and fodder like enemies which is a pain as you die because you were focusing on the bigger and tougher enemies.

Darksiders Warmastered Edition is great and is good if you’ve not played any of the games, this gives me hope that there will be an interest in restoring the series and maybe we’ll get a third game whether it be a reboot or sequel. Go out and get this game it’s cheap as well I saw it for £14.99 on Amazon so go out and get it! 

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