Sunday, 21 June 2015

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Beta Impressions.


By Sam Coles:
During the E3 conference that Microsoft hosted they’ve finally announced that Gears of War Ultimate Edition is coming to Xbox One and that wasn’t the only thing we Xbox One players could test the multiplayer out during the week of E3 2015. So what is the game like? Well let’s find out.
The first thing that stands out with the game is the frame rate, it is fantastic to finally play a Gears of War game in glorious 60 frames per second and I don’t think I could go back, it makes the action faster and increases your reaction time with the active reloads to. I hope this is the standard for Gears of War 4 because I can’t go back to Gears in 30 frames per second.
The graphics have been cleaned up from the original and yes the original Gears of War does look great still, but it does look very flat these days and bear in mind the game is nearly 10 years old and the graphics have been given a nice boost with the subtle details such as the water etc.
The gameplay has been updated because the original Gears was very clunky compared to the later iterations and now it plays like Gears of War 3 which was the perfect balanced of gameplay with the much needed tagging system to help your team mates. The sound design has been given a boost to match the gun and weapon noises of Gears of War 3 so the Lancer sounds meaty and sounds like it does damage and the Gnasher shogun reload noise sounds crunchy, I don’t like the new grenade explosion noise because it sounds like a distant crackle rather than a massive bang.
Overall this short beta was fun and I can’t wait to play Gears of War Ultimate Edition in August when it hits Xbox One.

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