Sunday, 7 June 2015

Top 5 Video Game Musical Scores.

By Sam Coles:
Video games with sound and music have evolved from the bleeps and boops to full orchestras that are now movie quality, so let’s take a journey with my top 5 musical scores in video games.
5. Halo – The Main Theme:
This track starts off slow with the Celtic inspired Gaelic opera then you here the tribal drums start thumping which gets you pump to start the campaign and kicks some alien ass. The Halo series has always had great music with each outing but this is always the one that greets you with Master Chief’s adventures.
4. The Order 1886 – Last Man Standing:
As much as I gave this game a lot of flak in my review of it on because it wasn’t much of a game, let me preface this I don’t hate the game I just feel it wasn’t as everlasting for the price it was asking. This game has an excellent score to match the setting of Victorian England mix with the ominous, dark and supernatural setting. This track plays at the end of the game as you’ve had a battle with a knight who turns out to be a Werewolf and you are then pointing a revolver at his head while this track plays and it stays with you well after you’ve pulled the trigger.
3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Song of Healing:
If you know me you’ll know that this is my favourite Zelda game even above Ocarina of Time because it strayed away from the Zelda formula, but the soundtrack was amazing in this game. The Song of Healing is used to restore you back to your human form, but it also puts the dead at peace. This track is a sad one because you feel the characters pain that you’re healing and it almost brings a tear to my eye.
2. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – Battle Theme:
This is a recent entry which is my favourite game of the 8th generation so far. This is a fast paced score taking influence from eastern European music and sort of Middle Eastern, because it has that hot and desert feel to it. This gets you in the mood for to kill monsters and bandits.
1. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Harvest Dawn:
This track plays when you’re in the cities and it’s a slow and calm track that makes you feel safe and you don’t have to watch you’re back. I have a personal affection with this track because it reminds me of cycling early in the morning as I ride through small rural villages as I see the sky glow red when it rises. This has the same feeling when you’re walking through the towns at dawn as you see the people opening their shops that the day is about to begin.

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