Thursday, 27 April 2017

Call of Duty WWII Trailer Thoughts.

By Sam Coles:

Another year another Call of Duty however this game has got a lot of people’s attention even people who are not into Call of Duty due to the different setting and that setting is World War II. Yes Sledgehammer Games who were responsible for Modern Warfare 3 and Advanced Warfare have decided to take us back to muddy and war torn Europe with Call of Duty WWII.

The trailer came out yesterday which showed “in game footage” which most of the time I actually believe with Call of Duty trailers because nine times out of ten it is the actual gameplay whether it is in game scenes etc. Let’s get one thing straight that no one can deny of what we have seen so far this game looks absolutely beautiful it looks as if they’re stretching the capabilities of what the PS4 and Xbox One can do. 

Sledgehammer have confirmed that they are using a technique called photogrammetry which if that sounds familiar DICE used the technique when they made their interpretation of Star Wars Battlefront. What this technique entails is that the developers go to the locations take photos of the location and render it in game to give off a photorealistic look when it comes to the environments.

It looks as if that the story in this game is going for a dark and gritty outlook which would make sense as it is set during the second world war, I don’t think they’re going to skimp on the violence either with blood and limbs flying everywhere. It looks like the story is going to be very character driven with conflicts within your platoon where captains put the mission ahead of compassion which doesn’t sit well with the other soldiers.
We got brief glimpses of the gameplay in the trailer and it is very much a traditional Call of Duty where it is boots on the ground (I hate that term where it has been used so much) where you won’t be using wall running or boost jumping which makes sense for the time period.

Overall this trailer has gauged my interest as I was sceptical at first because I was around during the period of 1999-2008 where the market was saturated with World War II shooters and I said no at the idea at first. Now I can’t wait to play it when it comes out on the third of November on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. What do you think of the new Call of Duty? Do you like the different setting or would you prefer a modern warfare setting? Let me know. 

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