Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Expansion Thoughts.

By Sam Coles:

It’s hard to believe that Diablo III came out five years ago originally on the PC and it’s doubly hard to believe how much of a successful transition it had on the consoles first the 7th generation and then the 8th generation with the Reaper of Souls Expansion. However since 2014 there hasn’t been any major expansions that were paid for Blizzard have been tweaking the game via free updates since I reviewed the game all the back in 2014 during the early days of my blog and it is a far cry of what it once was in a good way. After a few years Blizzard have released a new expansion titled Rise of the Necromancer which adds new challenges, a new class (obviously) and new areas. Is this worth the asking price of £15? Yes and no.

Rise of the Necromancer lets you take control of the titular class who has the ability to take control of the undead with various powers and these powers can be very powerful too powerful in some circumstances trivialising some situations. You can play through the campaign with the class which is what I did to get use to his powers and they are great for handling large crowds of enemies my favourite ability is the corpse explode ability which makes enemy bodies explode into meaty giblets with blood spraying everywhere.

What I like about this class is that you can almost cater to any playstyle so if you want to use long range attacks while you let your legion of skeleton warriors get up close and personal you can. If you want to go close quarters with your devastating scythe as you charge in with your summoned golem you can this class is fantastic to experiment with unlike my level 70 barbarian which I stuck with a familiar set of skills.

He is my biggest problem with the class he is overpowered  it is ridiculous how you can wipe out legions of enemies just by sneezing at them and when you combine the right rune with corpse explode crowds of enemies become trivial and ridiculously easy. The campaign and bosses become a cakewalk with the class and I was playing the game on hard, let’s hope he gets a bit of nerf to up the challenge.

What else does this new expansion bring to the table? Well it adds a couple of new areas in the adventure mode where you can collect bounties which reward you with XP coupled with new challenge rifts. You also gain access to a couple of things to change you cosmeticly such as being able to have demonic wings which I do not recommend wearing unless you want your character to be covering up most of your inventory screen and you also get a new in game pet.

Overall is the Rise of the Necromancer worth the £15 asking price? Well in my opinion no it’s not. I do like the new class but the content you get for £15 is slim as it doesn’t bring much to the table, however if you haven’t played Diablo III at all forego the Reaper of Souls edition and pick up the Eternal Collection which cost around £34.99 digital only. In that version you get the base game, Reaper of Souls and the new expansion. However I have enjoyed my time returning to the dark and bleak world that is Diablo III with this new and powerful class but I just feel they are asking for too high of a price for the expansion.  

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