Monday, 7 July 2014

Grid Autosport Review.

By Sam Coles:
Grid makes its third return and final appearance on the Xbox 360 and PS3 and is it a great swan song for the decade old consoles that have provided us with years of entertainment? Let’s find out as I dive into the world of Grid Autosport.
I’ve always had a hard time to get into driving and racing games because I find a bit monotonous because the fact there is a horrendous change each iteration except a bigger roster of cars. But I’ve been making more of an effort this especially at the start of the year when I reviewed Gran Turismo 6 and I rather enjoyed and I also enjoyed this game as well.
Grid has always been a mixture of simulation and arcade with its gameplay and controls unlike Gran Turismo it does have a sense of weight when you drive around a corner, but you don’t spin out if you get the slightest thing wrong like push the analogue stick too far, it’s generous when it comes to the controls.
Not to say that it’s really easy to control cars because it’s not, each car has its own feel for each discipline you go throughout the game whether you are driving a muscle car to an F1 car every vehicle has its unique feel and keeps you on your toes to adapt to the situation.
For all you graphics whores out there thinking the game is not going to look amazing on the last gen systems I say to you be quiet because the game looks beautiful with extensive detail on all the cars. Some of the tracks look bare bones because they are standard race tracks, but the visuals with the environments really start to shine when you are doing the street races through various locales from France, to Spain and Dubai. The game is fully capable of looking amazing even it is running on decade old technology.
In the career mode there are several disciplines that you can partake in tuner which is a set of drift challenges and time trial, street racing which speaks by its name, touring cars, Grid touring which are pro challenges and Endurance if you have a spare rainy Sunday afternoon on your hands. These are all great modes because unlike some racing games it keeps it varied and you don’t get bored easily because you’ll using a vast array of cars that handle differently. 
Before you start a season in each discipline you’ll be offered two different contacts from different teams and this means that you’ll gain different rewards and a larger XP bonus when you fulfil the correct expectations in the season. The different teams will also determine what cars you’ll be driving as they are all picked for you for each race; you could be driving a Volkswagen to a Honda. You get separate sections of experience within each discipline and you don’t have an overall accumulation but you work towards the final discipline the Grid Autosport events which you have to be level 5 in all the disciplines before you can even start the first event in that section.
Overall I found myself liking Grid Autosport it’s varied enough to keep you interested with the vast amount of cars and career mode races; it’s another reason to keep hold of your last gen consoles because this game will get you into racing games even if you don’t like them like me.

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