Thursday, 17 July 2014

Tales of Xilla 2: Alvin (Alfred Vint Svent) and Elize Lutus & Teepo Character Introduction.

By Sam Coles:

We edge ever so closer to the release date of the JRPG Tales of Xilla 2 and Bandai Namco keep revealing more and more information about the characters that you’ll encounter and play as in this unique and epic RPG.


This character once delved in the life of espionage when he use to skulk around as spy, but he has turned a new leaf by becoming an honest salesman with his friend Yurgen they form a partnership and go into business together. He will learn that it’s not easy to live an honest life.


Once a shy person but after the events of the first chapter of the Tales Xilla saga she has learnt to trust people more. She is still looking for her own place in society and just wants to be accepted by her companions and colleagues. She finds here place in life with her pen pal Luna but they may be more to her new friend.

Tales of Xilla 2 is set to release on PS3 on August 22nd in UK, Europe and Australasian areas.

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