Thursday, 3 July 2014

Murdered Soul Suspect Developer Shuts it's Doors.

By Sam Coles:

The developer (Airtight games) of the supernatural crime thriller Murdered Soul Suspect has reportedly shut it's doors after many job cuts within the independent studio. This report has come from Geekwire.

Geekwire visited the office and said that all office equipment is being sold off at a "Heavy Discount" The studio cut 14 jobs within the company calling it a "necessary restructuring".

As it was seeking new partners for their future game releases. The studio had a ten year stretch of making games when it opened back in 2004. They release Murdered Soul Suspect this year which was met with mixed reviews and the other well known game that they made that was published by Capcom was the jetpack adventure Dark Void in 2010.

It's sad news about the studio and good luck for those who have lost their jobs at Airtight studios my thoughts go out to you.

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