Friday, 11 July 2014

"Remasters". Are they really or just money grabbing?

By Sam Coles:

So the head of the Playstation division is making some grumbles of more remasters of PS3 exclusives for the PS4 such as Uncharted and perhaps Beyond Two Souls (god knows why that game). If you read my writing you know my stance on these “Remasters” because they’re not remasters there are for the soul purpose of emptying your wallet.

Know before you jump at me saying that “I hate remasters”. I don’t I like the concept of a remastered game, but in my opinion the game has to be at least 10-20 years old before you can even consider a remake. I know what you’re going to say as well “This happened last generatioin transistion”. No it didn’t there were a few games here and there for the new system from the old system, but there was not a heavy saturation of ports from old gen.

Another point that you’re all going to bring is the fact that this is a good way to play if you missed the first time round, but again that is not the case you can already buy GTA V, Last of Us and Tomb Raider and they are exactly the same except for the ever so subtle texture clean up. These games are already on the market and if you weren’t an idiot and instantly throw your last gen console out the window you can buy these games for a cheap price.

My point in this short editorial is that we have these shiny new machines, but we’re not getting new ideas from the developers a perfect summary of E3 this year that I saw on twitter was “E3 2014 showing the games that you already own”. The main problem is that the gaming community is supporting this, it’s like the whole situation with Ground Zeroes being a paid demo, maybe it’s not the developers that need to adjust their attitude (they do a bit) it’s the community of gaming need to stop asking for the same thing but prettier. The community keep complaining about the lack of innovation, but when ask them what they want they just reply with what they already like and are not willing to go out of their comfort zone.

In summary I really don’t like these “Remasters” that get made after a year of a the games release and in general to all of you in the gaming community I say try and go out of your comfort zone and experiment. You never know you might find something that you like. 

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