Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Call of Duty Invasion DLC now available on Xbox 360 and One.

By Sam Coles:
The series that is dragging it's dehydrated body across a long desert as Activision is behind it poking it with a cattle prod everytime it tries to die gets a new DLC for Ghosts.
The new DLC comes with five maps and a new episode in the bizarre extinction mode:
  • Departed: Is a map set in a rural Mexican set during the day of the dead celebrations, so expect some weird easter egg like the Predator and Micheal Myers in the previous DLC's. If you complete a field order you'll unlock the Death Mariachi killstreak.
  • Paraoh: As it suggests it's set in an archeological dig site in an Eygptian palace. The level is very interactive with the pillars and urns falling over around you and you have to watch out for flesh eating scarabs. If you complete a field order you'll get the blessing of Anubis.
  • Mutiny: Is a small remote Caribbean island with an eerie pirate hideout with abandoned trading posts and prison cells. When a field order is completed you'll be protected by ghosts pirates.
  • Favela: Everyone remembers this map from the last game that was good in the series (in my opinion) Mordern Warfare 2, Favela as it might suggest is set in slums in Rio with tight corners through ally ways it's the perfect map for shotguns.

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