Tuesday, 10 June 2014

E3 2014: Legend of Zelda Wii U Demo.

By Sam Coles:
We all thought this year at E3 we would see more of the bizarre spin off to Zelda Hyrule Warriors, but no Nintendo are still going for the more subtle approach to E3 still by not having a conference like the over big two.
We finally get a brief demo of the new Legend of Zelda for the Wii U and it looks absolutely beautiful and vibrant with its sprawling fields stretching as far as the eye can see. It seems Nintendo are taking an open world approach to the Zelda series rather than it being fairly structured and linear to a certain extent like past games. They started to flex their muscles with this idea with a Link Between Worlds on the 3DS which gave an open ended game where you could finish the dungeons in any order.
Overall I welcome this change to series because I’ve always dreamt of an open world Hyrule where I could go and explore anywhere I wanted to in the same vain as Skyrim. No release date has been set just a vague 2015 window which seems to be the running theme with all the games announced. Are you excited about this reveal? Will it make you buy a Wii U? Let me know in the comments or tweet @samcoles2 #Bristoliangamer.

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